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Introducing the Garden Kit from Way2Agritech, a comprehensive solution for urbanites seeking to embark on urban agriculture, terrace gardening, or kitchen garden projects right at home. This all-inclusive kit includes essential consumable inputs to kickstart your gardening journey with ease and confidence. The kit comprises a variety of grow bags in sizes tailored to accommodate different plants: 9*9, 12*12, and 18*6, offering versatility and flexibility for planting a wide range of herbs, vegetables, and ornamentals. Alongside the grow bags, the kit includes vital organic fertilizers and soil amendments to nourish your plants and enrich the soil. Vermicompost, potting mix, and cocopeat provide essential nutrients and improve soil structure, while bonemeal and neem powder contribute to plant health and pest management naturally, Plus, with Dr. Soil Health, a potent plant growth promoter included in the kit, you can ensure robust growth and vitality in your garden. Additionally, neem sticol, neem oil a biopesticide, offers eco-friendly pest control solutions, further supporting the health of your plants.


Additionally, the kit includes a hand sprayer, ensuring convenient and precise application of fertilizers and pest control solutions. With these products at customer fingertips, one will have everything he need to create a thriving garden oasis in even the smallest urban spaces. Whether you're cultivating herbs on your balcony, vegetables on your terrace, or a lush kitchen garden, the Garden Kit from Way2Agritech empowers you to cultivate fresh, nutritious produce and reconnect with nature right at home. Please note that the Tools Kit, containing essential gardening tools, is available separately to complement your gardening endeavors.