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W2AT Garden Liquid PGR & PPP Kit

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Introducing the Garden Liquid PGR & PPP Kit from Way2Agritech, a comprehensive solution for urbanites embarking on urban agriculture, terrace gardening, or kitchen garden projects. This all-encompassing kit contains a range of essential plant nutrients carefully formulated to optimize plant growth and health. Included in the kit are Dr. Soil Health, a potent plant growth promoter that enhances root development and overall plant vigor, Bio NPK for balanced nutrition, Bio Potash for promoting flowering and fruiting, Humigreen for improving soil fertility and structure with 6% of humic acid, Alnym an organic pest repellent, gives the power of Neem oil, and Wellwet gum.


These liquid plant growth regulators and plant protection products ensure that your garden receives the necessary nutrients and care to thrive in urban environments. Whether one is growing vegetables, or ornamentals on your terrace or balcony, this kit provides all the essential inputs to support healthy plant growth and maximize yields. Ensuring your plants receive adequate moisture with the Garden Liquid PGR & PPP Kit from Way2Agritech.