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Grow bag 12*12

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The 12*12 HDPE green grow bag is the perfect home for compact vegetables like tomatoes, capsicum, and small eggplant varieties. Its round shape accommodates their modest root systems while providing ample space for growth. Urban gardeners looking to maximize their patio or balcony space will find these grow bags invaluable. Their vibrant green color not only adds a splash of freshness but also comes with UV protection, ensuring durability even in direct sunlight. With a water drain hole provided, these grow bags make gardening hassle-free.


Their lightweight design makes them easy to move around. Plus, they're reusable, so one can enjoy multiple growing seasons with minimal environmental impact. With proper care, including regular watering and adequate sunlight. The convenience of container gardening makes it accessible to beginners and seasoned gardeners alike, adding a touch of green to urban living while bringing the joy of homegrown produce right to their doorstep.