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Terrace/ kitchen garden drip irrigation kit (DK-2)

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The DK-2 kit may also incorporate features like adjustable flow rates, customizable layouts, and compatibility with water-saving devices such as timers or moisture sensors. With this irrigation kit, gardeners can optimize water usage, promote healthy plant growth, and simplify the maintenance of their terrace or kitchen gardens, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and sustainability in urban gardening practices.


The Terrace/Kitchen Garden Drip Irrigation Kit (DK-2) is designed to offer an efficient and convenient solution for irrigating small-scale garden plots such as terrace or kitchen gardens. This kit typically includes all the essential components required for setting up a drip irrigation system tailored to the specific needs of urban or confined gardening spaces. It encompasses drip emitters, tubing, connectors, stakes, and a filter to ensure precise water delivery directly to the plant roots while minimizing water wastage.