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Landscape Plain Laterals 16mm

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1 mtr



Laterals are often equipped with built-in emitters or connectors, facilitating easy installation and customization according to the specific layout and watering needs of the landscape. By utilizing Landscape Plain Laterals with a 16mm diameter, landscapers can achieve precise and consistent irrigation, promoting healthy plant growth, vibrant landscapes, and efficient water usage, ultimately enhancing the aesthetic appeal and sustainability of landscaping projects.


Landscape Plain Laterals with a diameter of 16mm are essential components of modern landscaping irrigation systems, specifically designed to efficiently distribute water across outdoor spaces with uniform coverage. These laterals consist of durable and flexible tubing, typically made from high-quality materials such as polyethylene, capable of withstanding outdoor conditions and varying terrain. The 16mm diameter allows for optimal water flow rates suitable for medium-sized landscapes, ensuring adequate hydration for plants and vegetation.