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Potting mix 25 Kg

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25 Kg Bag



Potting mix is a crucial component in container gardening, providing plants with the necessary nutrients, aeration, and drainage for healthy growth. A well-balanced potting mix typically consists of a combination of organic matter such as compost, peat moss, or coconut coir, which improves soil structure and retains moisture. Many potting mixes also contain added nutrients like fertilizer or composted manure to sustain plant growth throughout the growing season. It's important to choose a potting mix tailored to the specific needs of the plants being grown, whether they are vegetables, herbs, or ornamentals. Regularly amending the potting mix with compost or organic fertilizer can replenish nutrients and maintain soil health over time.


With a quality potting mix, container gardeners can provide their plants with a fertile growing environment, ensuring vibrant growth and abundant harvests. For small herbs use smaller pots or grow bags, filling them about two-thirds full with potting mix. For larger vegetables 20-30 kgs potting mix per plant. For greens 4-5 kgs of potting mix per plant. Always refer to the specific recommendations for each plant variety and adjust the amount of potting mix accordingly. It's essential to provide enough space for the roots to grow and access to adequate nutrients for healthy plant development.