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Grow bag 12*12*12

Special prize

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The 12*12*12 HDPE green woven grow bags are ingeniously designed with a square shape to afford ample room for roots, thwarting the common issue of root circling and promoting optimal growth, unlike traditional conical plastic pots. Crafted with UV protection, these grow bags ensure durability under direct sunlight, while the inclusion of a water drain hole facilitates proper drainage, preventing waterlogging and fostering healthy root development. Lightweight and reusable, they offer sustainability and ease of handling for urban gardeners.


Ideal for root vegetables like potatoes, which demand depth for robust root development, these grow bags, with careful drainage and soil management, create an ideal environment for tuber formation. Furthermore, as plants grow taller, gradually adding soil encourages healthy root expansion and maximizes yield. Urban gardeners can relish the satisfaction of harvesting their own potatoes, enriching their culinary repertoire with flavorful and nutritious homegrown produce. From balcony to rooftop gardens, these square-shaped grow bags offer a versatile solution for cultivating a variety of crops, providing urbanites with the joy of gardening and the delight of fresh, homegrown vegetables.