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Grow bag 15*15

Special prize

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The 15*15 HDPE green grow bag stands out as a versatile option, perfectly suited for nurturing larger plants like dwarf fruit trees, petite root vegetables such as radishes or carrots besides selected ornamental plants. Its rounded structure generously accommodates root growth, ensuring plants thrive optimally. Crafted with UV protection, these grow bags are engineered to endure extended sun exposure, promising durability for any garden setting. Complete with a convenient water drain hole, these bags simplify watering routines while safeguarding against root damage caused by waterlogging.


Their lightweight construction facilitates effortless relocation, enabling you to maximize sunlight exposure throughout the day. Moreover, their reusable nature promotes sustainability, allowing for multiple growing seasons with minimal environmental impact. Whether it's luscious fruits or crisp vegetables, the adaptability of this size renders it an invaluable asset to any urban or small-scale garden, delivering the satisfaction of homegrown goodness to your doorstep.