Nursery plants

Plant nursery is a place where plants will be propagated and grown up to a desired age by providing them with optimum growing conditions. Thereafter plants will be internally used or supplied to farmers or other users or resellers. Plant nursery covers the growing activity from seed including germination, budding and grafting till the level of ready plant for transplantation. Besides for internal usage by the farmers, commercial farms will take up this activities and supply plants such as vegetables, fruits, ornamental and medicinal plants etc.

Plant nursery


Compared with direct sowing of seeds, nursery saves considerable time for crops growing and also enable plants to endure the open field conditions. Selection of quality seeds, sowing in seedbeds or germination, watering, nutrients and shade management besides pest controlling will holds the key at this stage. Besides farmers, the demand for quality vegetables seedling, fruits plants, ornamental and medicinal plants is growing substantially with the urbanites for their urban agriculture concepts, which will be taken up by Way2Agritech. Knowledge transformation on different crop cultivation methods will also be part of this activity by us.

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Nursery Plants