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Introducing our range of Ready-to-Install Irrigation Kits, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of urban gardening enthusiasts. With five variants available, ranging from kits suitable for 5 to 10 pots to larger-scale solutions accommodating up to 30 pots, we provide options tailored to every garden size and layout. Our Home Garden Drip Irrigation Kit - Standard offers a comprehensive solution for general garden irrigation needs, while the Terrace/Kitchen Garden Drip Irrigation Kit (DK-2) is specifically crafted for rooftop or balcony gardens, effortlessly covering 20 to 25 pots with its customizable configuration. Designed for simplicity and ease of installation, each kit features a seamless combination of components, including garden hose adapters, lateral tubing, valves, connectors, end caps, and more.

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